Hi. Guys now i am here to tell u a trick to activate a new sim in a minute. . . .ACTUALLY THIS IS NOT MY TRICK.MY FRIEND TOLD ME THIS ONE.HE TOLD THAT THIS WILL WORK PERFECTLY IN ALL SIMS.THIS WORKED PERFECTLY IN MY NEW RELIANCE SIM.SO I AM POSTING IT HERE.THIS MIGHT BE HELPFUL FOR RETAILERS FOR INSTANT ACTIVATION OF SIM CARDS. . . . . .so herez the trick.When u buy any new sim . The shopkeeper will tell u to wait few hours to get the sim activated. . .when u purchase a new sim card u will get two or three papers in which u have to fill the details. . .check the page in which your mobile number is written.and near your number you can see SR NUMBER.[serial number] . . .IF YOU WANT INSTANT ACTIVATION THEN INSERT SIM IN YOUR MOBILE AND DIAL THE SR NUMBER TWO TIMES.. . . .tHaTs all..your sim card'll be activated within one minute.